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How We Screen Print Your Shirts

Screen Printing Options


Screen printing with plastisol ink is the most durable of all prints and it also allows for the most accurate reproduction of PMS colors because of opacity of the ink. Screens are used to transfer one color of ink at a time onto the garment. Therefore, spot color works best.

Discharge Printing

Water based inks work well on light garments but not on dark garments. Discharge printing uses water based pigments with special discharge agents that will bleach out the color of the fabric and leave the desired ink color. No white mask is needed on dark garments and the print will feel like its part of the fabric.

Water Based

Many people enjoy t-shirts with printing that has a vintage or soft hand feel. This is achieved through water based inks which do not have the vinyl feel or the plastisol inks. However, they are not as durable and are more difficult to work with. In addition, the transparent nature of the water based inks limit its usefulness on dark garments.

Oversized Prints

The all over print is gaining in popularity. It is achieved by printing on large scale screens. We can print up to 4 colors using 17" x 20" screens.


We can also embroider your designs on hats and garment. First, we digitize your artwork so the embroidery machine knows in what sequence it should stitch your artwork and also what types of stitches to use for the correct look. Pricing for embroidery is based on the number of stitches in a design. In embroidery, the size of the image will greatly affect the price.

Corporate Apparel

Corporate apparel is one of the most widely used forms of branding and promotions. The benefits are numerous. I won’t bore you with all of them. The most important ones are that it increases brand identity, builds corporate culture and HELPS YOU MAKE FRIENDS.

Customers perceive branded items as being higher quality and they associate corporate apparel with larger, well established companies. If you make custom polos or jackets that customers LOVE and are clamoring to get and wear, you have made friends with that customer and they will remember you. And, every time they wear the coveted cap or hoodie, people will see your logo.

B-BAM! has a myriad of apparel options from high quality t-shirts to corporate polos to the softest hoodies ever. We can find any brand or type of apparel that you need and/or we can have have it manufactured for you. CLICK HERE to check out just a few of our apparel options.

T-Shirt Information


T-shirts vary greatly in price, depending on fabric choice and manufacturing. Most t-shirts are made of cotton. Cotton is a natural fiber that grows in the seedpod of the cotton plant. Fibers are typically 1/2 inch to 2 inches long. The longest staple fibers, longer than 1-1/2 inch (including the Pima and Egyptian varieties) produce the highest quality cotton fabrics. Combed Cotton is a cotton yarn that goes through an additional combing process so that only the longer fibers remain. This improves the softness and strength of the yarn. Combed cotton tees cost more than cotton shirts that do not go through the combing process. With Ring Spun cotton, cotton fibers are tightly twisted together to make a stronger, smoother and finer thread. Ring spun cotton has a softer and finer feel than basic cotton fabric

T-Shirt Brands

Basic t-shirts like Gildan or Hanes are made from 100% cotton, varying from 5.4 ounces to 6.1 ounces in weight. Anvil also has a basic t-shirt comparable to a basic Gildan or Hanes tee. In addition, Anvil carries a combed cotton version in its line. Despite being only 4.5 ounces, these tees are softer and stronger than their basic counterparts. Premium cotton shirts such as American Apparel are ring spun combed cotton which accounts for their superior feel and strength.Alternative Apparel takes the manufacturing process a step further, adding an enzyme wash on their fabric. This makes the fabric feel "vintage soft" and has very little shrink- age. The less expensive fashion t-shirt lines include Delta and Tultex. These are the least expen- sive combed cotton versions but are not finished as well as some of the other brands.

T-Shirt Sizing

Basic tees are traditional in cut, taking on a boxier and bulkier fit. Basic tees are unisex and run in Youth and Adult sizing. Fashion tees have a "junior" cut, running smaller than your average basic shirt. Available for men and women, these tees are form-fitting: tight and narrow down the torso to accentuate the natural curves of your body.

T-Shirt Information


We all want to do something good for mother earth and for our health. You can start by ordering organic cotton t-shirts.

Did you know that 25% of all of pesticides produced worldwide are used in the production of conventional cotton products like t-shirts? It takes 12 pounds of pesticides and fertilizer to produce the 36 t-shirts we use in our minimum screen print order.

What's even more scary is 7 out of the 15 pesticides used on cotton are considered by the EPA to be "possible," "likely," "probable," or "known" human carcinogens. The associated health consequences range from asthma to cancer. Yikes! We think that's crazy.

In addition, conventional cotton is harvested using TOXIC chemicals that can injure animals, people and the very land that we are dependent on to grow the cotton. Thousands of acres of land lays fallow every year, too destroyed by these destructive farming habits to produce anything.

This sucks because we all love cotton t-shirts. BUT, You CAN do something to help. BUY ORGANIC!! It costs a LITTLE more but helps the Earth and your fellow human beings a LOT more.