• Mason Jar
  • Custom USB drives and USB power chargers
  • Fundraiser Wristbands

Branded Merchandise

Feeling Groovy...

Branded merchandise and apparel works. It works because the act of giving and receiving opens up a relationship. It creates a connection between two people and it creates good feelings on both parts. When you receive a gift you feel appreciated, grateful, lucky! Even if it’s something small you feel good but especially if it’s something you can really see yourself using. And, when you give a gift you feel good too. Did you know there are studies that show that the act of giving results in just as much pleasure for the giver?

Generosity activates the same part of the brain as sex and food!

So while we might not be able to help you get a date, and we probably aren't going to cook you your favorite meal, we can help you create gifts and good feelings that make a difference to your company, to your customers, and to your bottom line.

Augmented Reality Tattoos

It's Science