Back To Work Snack Kits for your teams!

The alternative to cafaterias in a post-Covid company office. 

As team’s head back to work, the office might seem a little different and LESS CONVENIENT than it used to be. In a Post-Covid office environment, cafeterias will be closed. That means, the convenience of gathering and eating in one communal space, will be gone. 


Those fun cafetaria perks, like free snacks will no longer be the norm. So as a business owner, what do you do to pleasantly surprise your team and keep them happy and engaged in your business? Why not give them Back TO Work Kits?


What is a back to work kit? Well, in addition to being 100% awesome, they are essentially custom branded lunch boxes with snacks stocked inside of them. So when your team returns to the office, they are greeted with a fun snack pack! Back To Work Snack Kits are thoughtful & can help your teams feel supported during the difficult transition. 


Back to Work Kits are also the perfect Lunch & Learn and team meeting solution. However, keep in mind that team meetings & Lunch & Learn programs will still have to be fairly distanced. That is why the Back TO Work Kits are so essential.

back to work post-Covid solutions

What are in the Back TO Work Kits?


The kits feature healthy yet tasty snack packs for busy employees that need a quick pick me up!

In addition to snacks, we can add chocolate assortments, cookies, gummy snacks, your favorite granola bars or popcorn tins!


While you’re at it, let’s keep your employees smiling with Happy Hour Fridays!


We have Happy Kits, Games, custom card decks and more! Keep them engaged and keep them happy with Back to Work Kits your team will love!


We also have Back to Work Kits that feature PPE custom branded masks & hand sanitizers. 

back to work post-Covid solutions

 Need help picking the perfect kit or promotional products? Give us a jingle and we’ll curate the right swag you need for your custom branded products!


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