advertising products during covid19-the future or marketing


Covid 19 and the future of Advertising Products


As a business owner, you may have wondered, “what is the new normal in terms of brand marketing and client outreach post Coronavirus”? What does promotional marketing look like in 2020 and beyond? As Covid19 continues to be a global driver of change, brands are starting to take on a more empathetic approach to community outreach. Advertising products that offer consumer’s safety, comfort and support will create a sense of brand authenticity and solidify brand loyalty over the long term.

Now is the time to shift some of your brand’s outreach strategy from Facebook ads to thoughtful gestures like COMFORT KITS  that help your community thrive during this difficult time.


B-BAM! has created a few tips to consider when planning your marketing budget for 2020-2022.


Covid19 and advertising products. Promote your business with PPE products


Prioritizing Safety:

As we return to work, and try to reacclimate into society, brands can help their community stay safe with PPE Products. One of our hottest selling advertising products are B-BAM! ‘s selection of printable masks.

With the growing trend of consumers expressing their personal style with protective masks, this presents an opportunity for brands to use creativity and a playful approach to public safety.

Return to Work Safety Kits are also a SMART & EFFICIENT way to keep your employee’s safe while boosting company morale.


Advertising Products-Comfort Kits For Customers


Creating Comfort:

During a time of global crisis, your community will long for stability and comfort in their daily routine.

Spa kits, offer a little time-out for personal care while FIT KITS can help your clients or team members boost their immunity and achieve wellness goals. Looking to start a fitness challenge with your team or favorite clients? Check out our TEAM FIT KITS


Advertising Products- Promotional Product Kits of Comfort


Building Stability:

Products that help your clients or team members feel organized and productive in 2020+ will position your brand as an expert of efficiency. Support your remote team with virtual presentation kits or New Hire Kits for your newest employees.

Or consider advertising product giveaways such as planners, usb cables and power chargers to let your clients know that you support their success!


Advertising Products- Marketing during Covid-19- Eco-Promotional Products



Prioritizing sustainability within your organization shows your commitment to preserving the planet through eco-minded innovation. Today, 66% of consumers believe reducing greenhouse gas emissions is crucial for the longevity of our planet. Help you clients cast their vote for a greener future with eco-minded products.

B-BAM! Offers an assortment of eco-friendly advertising products such as organic apparel for screen-printing, reusable straws, recycled paper products and labels, compostable cups and business cards that bloom in soil.


Advertising Products-Meditation Kits-Marketing during Covid-19



A recent Harvard study found that more than half of Americans claim they are more stressed since the start of Covid-19 then prior to it. As a result, consumers will be in search of a mindfulness practice to help relieve anxiety and depression.

Zen-like experiences will continue to grow in popularity as individuals share their mindfulness practice via social media.

You can help you community create their own home-sanctuary with our meditation kits here.


Advertising Products-Virtual Fun Kits- Virtual Happy Hour


Virtual Fun

Show your team or clients that it’s okay to have a little fun and practice social distancing. Join your team for a Virtual Happy Hour or celebrate a major company milestone with an annual Virtual Company Picnic.

Creativity and empathy will be ESSENTIAL to creating a thriving marketing calendar in 2020 and beyond. Your community will be in search of solutions that help them feel safe and comfortable during a time of instability. As society continues to try to simplify their lives, flashy ads and sales pitches will continue to become less effective marketing solutions.

Meet your community where they are at. Help them thrive and let them know that their well-being is important to your business. Building a thoughtful gift kit for your team members or clients will have far more impact on your brand outreach than any other time in history!


Have a Advertising Products question OR READY TO BUILD A KIT? If you can dream it, we can probably make it happen!