Your Automated Web Store solution is here!

 Imagine having a cool Automated Web Store that features some branded Work From Home Kits for your team, a few branded Virtual Event Kits to engage your clients & give-away items for social media contests. All. In. One. Place. 

 Now imagine if there was a company who could produce your custom branded products & manage your website + product fulfillment & shipping so you wouldn’t have to actually do the heavy lifting?

That’s where B-BAM! comes in. 

Custom Printed Products+ Web Store + Fulfillment + Drop Shipping is totally our jam. 

We make it super easy to have a LIVE  web store without the hassle of  managing orders or worrying about the production line of your custom swag. We know ecommerce is growing

So we are here for you every step of the way.

Automated Web Store

Why you need a Web Store for you team

Your team is golden and let’s face it, they’ve had one heck of a year with Covid while trying to navigate working from home with minimal resources. Keeping them safe, engaged and stocked with the tools they need to do their job from home is of the utmost importance. 

However, this shouldn’t mean more work on your part as the business owner. You’ve got enough on your plate. 

B-BAM! Is leading the revolution of Work From Home Kits with an all-in-one solution for connecting your team through Web Stores. 

How it works

1. Pick a pre-made Work From Home Kit Or create a new work from kit

2. Contact  B-BAM! And we’ll help you curate your work from home kits. Then, we’ll launch your branded products on your very own web store!

3. We add drop shipping to the mix for a fully automated system that we orchestrate on your behalf.

4. Your team shops the site and orders what they need. 

5. We drop ship the work from home kits individually to your team members!

6. Your happy team stays connected and supported with the tools they need to feel connected to your company!

Why you need an Automated Web Store for your clients

Whether you’re a bar, restaurant, winery or service-based business, adding a web store featuring your very own custom branded products is not only a great brand strategy, it also creates multiple income streams. 

How it works

We’ve created branded web stores for brands that prefer to launch Pre-order items. Pre-Order products allow direct to consumer orders to reach your product minimums. Which then kicks your products into production and we can drop ship orders from there. 

Something to consider. Pre-Order items mean your clients won’t receive their products for 2-3 weeks on average. However, since the pandemic, this has been a customary way for brands to eliminate product waste and cut upfront cost. 

Automated Web Store

Why you need an Automated Web Store for your Virtual Event

6. Your happy team stays connected and supported with the tools they need to feel connected to your company!

Why you need an Automated Web Store for your clients

Your audience is looking for ways to feel engaged. Sure, a virtual event is fun but adding tangible items really creates a fully interactive experience. Our 2020-2021 motto at B-BAM! Has been, The Show Must Go On! 

Although your in-person event is cancelled this year, don’t drop the ball all together. Let B-BAM! create a virtual event kit that your attendees will never forget!

Hosting a virtual concert? We can create kits that include cool branded merch, weird novelty items, If you can dream it, we can make it happen!

Or if you are looking for something more conservative like a Lunch & Learn corporate event. We can custom brand lunch boxes, pens, notepads, usb drives, lanyards,etc.

An Automated Web Store is PERFECT for Social Media Contest Give-Aways 

So you’ve budgeted for 4-6 Social Media Contests for the year in order to expand your reach on social media. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your winners pick their gifts and enter in their shipping details all from one automated web store?

Client Give-away web stores are a  savvy solution for marketing teams to engage clients with gifted items. You no longer have to fear whether or not your clients will enjoy their promotional swag! By letting your clients choose their promotional product item, you are giving them control and allowing them to choose how they interact with your brand. We can work with you to select low minimum products or kitted items for your webstore which will help create a seamless experience. Once your client selects their free gift, they enter in their shipping details and B-BAM! Processes the order and ships their items. 

Future proof your business with Automated Web Stores and expand your client reach online with curated promotional products that engage your community. It will be one of the smartest and most efficient ways to expand your business in 2021+. B-BAM! Is here for you every step of the way to ensure that your products are produced with quality-care & the user experience is seamless for your clients. Free up your time while you grow your business with Web Store solutions with B-BAM!

 We have a robust selection of products for custom printing so if you don’t see it on our site, simply give us a jingle and let’s create some branded magic together!