How to Prepare Your Corporate Office For Your Employee’s return:

Return to Work- Post-Covid Check-List:

As employees return to work, your corporate office may consider developing a tight protocol to minimize confusion, frustration and of course, the risk of COVID-19. Doing most of the work up-front allows for a smooth transition and a sense of ease for your employees. The key is to keep them safe while boosting office morale in a post-covid, corporate office. 

What is important to remember, is that your employees have all been impacted by the virus with feelings of uncertainty and maybe even loss. As a corporate office, you have the platform to make the corporate culture and work environment feel BETTER, not just different. 

As employees return to work, “different” may feel unsettling to those employees who spent the last year dealing with illness or financial uncertainty. However, creating an inclusive environment built on trust and community, while developing very clear expectations is crucial for a successful return to work.

Corporate Office Return To Work

At B-BAM!, a promotional product agency at the forefront of kit solutions for corporate teams and events, we know that a smile is worth a thousand words.

How do you make your employees smile amidst a global pandemic and recession?  Well, it might be a challenge at first but helping them laugh again and share a sense of community with their team is a great place to start. 


We’ve helped countless teams stay connected with Work From Home Kits, as they worked remotely. We’ve brought Event Kits to fruition for virtual events looking to create a tangible experience for their attendees. We are now looking into the post-vaccine workplace where numbers are dropping and although precautions are still high, there is a sense of optimism and hope. 

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So how does a corporate office create a sense of Hope, Safety & Comradery as your teams return to work?

Safety First: Corporate Office PPE Kits

Consider setting up sanitation stations that have towels, tissues & of course, hand sanitizer with at least 50% alcohol. 

Make it Personal and thoughtful with Return To Work Kits:

Make your team members feel supported with Return To Work Kits that feature a custom branded PPE mask, personal hand sanitizer & custom branded socks for a sense of comfort +novelty. All branded in a unique, custom branded box!

Work From Home Kits-Return To Work Essentials-company-kits

Create Clear paths

Use painter tape to establish one-way, single file walkways and post clear signs with your expectations for social distancing. Remind your teams what is considered appropriate in communal spaces however, certain communal spaces should be off-limits like Corporate Office cafeterias.

Keep Your Meetings Virtual, if Possible 

Sort of think of your employees’ work stations as their own assigned seat on an airplane. Although there is no flight attendant on this journey, try to keep your employees in their general space as much as possible. The more your employees congregate in groups, the more at risk your corporate office becomes. Although you are working in the same space, the safest option will still be hosting virtual meetings. 

Virtual meetings will insure that your teams are 6 feet apart and will allow a more controlled environment. Consider it a hybrid solution between working from home and in the corporate office. 


How to Build Comradery in your Corporate Office

Remember the good ol’ days of corporate Happy Hour? Team Brainstorming, Ice-Breaker games & company picnics & BBQ’s? Well, after Covid, those company perks that made a hard-work week worth it, sort of fell on the wayside. As your team’s return to work in your corporate office, it might seem counter-productive to re-introduce those group events but hear us out. Our corporate clients have had great success in adding some tangible element to a Virtual Zoom Party. A Zoom party can fall flat but when you add a touch of B-BAM! To your virtual event with individual party kits for each team member, then the event feels more interactive and fun!

Work From Home Kits-tech kit work from home charging kit
Work From Home Kits-The Cocktail Canteen Kit

So now that we have addressed how to build safety, comradery in the corporate office, let’s talk hope.

Hope is a feeling & a sense of security that is established through corporate transparency and empathy. As a corporate office, ask yourself, how can you help your employees feel empowered to move forward within your company culture? What precautions will you take to keep them safe and feeling secure in their job title? Building hope is a very large undertaking that can be found in the littlest gestures.

Let’s start building solutions and conversations that do not dwell on the past as the benchmark of our success. Instead, let’s look forward with new tools and solutions to work with comradery as we social distance. 

Let’s build your perfect corporate office

Return To Work Kits