Custom Branded Hoodies- 

How to design a custom branded hoodie for you business like a boss!

Who doesn’t love a cozy hoodie? It’s convenient and will continue to be the must-have fashion statement in 2021. With this in mind, brands have the opportunity to boost their brand reach with a cool custom branded hoodie design. 


B-BAM! Knows the difference between a popular hoodie and one that your clients will never wear comes down to the fit, quality, and design. 


custom branded hoodies

Let’s talk about custom branded hoodie Quality.

There are many quick online promotional product stores where you can design a fast, low-quality hoodie. However, consider this, cheap garments have a higher return rate. Not to mention, if the garment doesn’t hold up after a few washes, your customers won’t be too happy about that. A poorly made garment will also lower your brand perception. B-BAM! works with industry veterans that truly understand craftsmanship and quality garments. We strike a balance between affordable custom branded hoodies and quality control. 


Let’s talk about custom branded hoodie Fit.

Nothing is worse than waiting patiently for your online hoodie order to arrive only to discover the fit is horrible. If a hoodie is too long, the stitching creates puckering, or it just looks frumpy, your customers will return them. Worse, if your company is gifting clients custom branded hoodies and they don’t like the way they fit, this will leave a poor taste in their mouth. Why? Because now, your client is stuck with the guilt of throwing away a garment. Or, at the very least, having to donate it. 


Let’s talk about custom branded hoodie Artwork.

Designing the right custom branded hoodie requires a clever artwork strategy. Unless your brand is Nike or Glossier, a logo alone doesn’t guarantee that your customers will want to wear your custom branded hoodie. It is best to hire a graphic designer and think of your artwork as a marketing campaign. Play up the artwork, yet don’t try to make your message and artwork too literal. Sometimes less is more or if in doubt, consider using a photograph simplified into a half-tone design to cut cost. 


custom branded hoodies

Bottom line, even if your brand is more on the conservative side, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your design. You can make it classic with the right font and design placement. Or play up the design with an oversized artwork screen printed in multiple places like sleeves or back design. 


Creating a custom branded hoodie for your business is a clever way to raise brand awareness. Custom branded hoodies make sense because they help build community without a hard sell as ad spend. Not to mention, they are a fashionable, tangible tool that your clients will want to share within their social media circles. 


Have questions about designing a hoodie for your brand? We’re here to help!