Why Custom Branded Mugs are the perfect promotional product

What seems to be the most photographed #workfromhome accessory that appears in more Zoom meetings than any other accessory? You’ve guessed its, coffee mugs. However, we are not just talking about boring coffee mugs; we’re talkin’ fun, ironic, kitschy mugs that start conversations. 

The Coffee mug is an excellent promotional product item. Since the start of 2020, it has become the natural promotional product going viral all over Zoom meetings and social apps. However, we’re not talking about traditional custom-branded mugs here. We’re talking about the sort of mugs that get people talking! 


Get them talking!

Mugs with quirky phrases or inspirational quotes are a clever way to add your custom branding onto a mug, however,  in such a way that it gets your viewers excited to share your message. Make the message the focal point of your mug and your logo the secondary component of your design. Why less logo and more phrasing? Since the BOOM of social media, consumers have liked being the star of the show. Before, it was about the association with a group, but now, it’s more about expressing individuality through social channels. It is less about consumers aligning with the brand’s view and more about the brand aligning with the individual’s viewpoint.


Enamel Mugs for the WIN

Why consider a custom branded enamel mug (aka camping mug)

The growing trend of outdoor activities and the uber-popular campfire coffee mug Instagram photo. Enamel mugs are simple, portable, and relatively indestructible. They are easy to ship and have hip styling to them. There is an assortment of trendy colors to choose from, but a simple black white enamel camping mug with black screen printing looks pretty sleek in a classic way!


 Make it Retro- 

The growing trend of Retro-themed custom branded mugs

Retro fonts with quirky phrases are having a major moment! Play nostalgia and add a bit retro element to your  branded mug design. 


Make it Artistic- 


Consider partnering with an artist or license the artwork for your custom branded mug. You can source some free artwork on Unsplash, Canva or the Public Domain if you are on a budget. Work with a Graphic Designer to implement your logo into the design. B-BAM! offers graphic design services if you should need some help!


Stand for something

Do you have a worthy cause close to your heart? Consider using your platform to raise awareness and use your custom branded mug design as a way to raise funds for a non-profit. Rally your community into participating with a specific #hashtag and encourage them to post images with your cause-oriented mug!


Branded mugs are a no-brainer, easy promotional product that can give your business some serious brand exposure. We consider custom-branded mugs the holy grail of word-of-mouth marketing. Not to mention, but mugs are relatively inexpensive productional products and make for great social media giveaways!


Consider creating a fun swag box that includes your mug and send them to a few influences in exchange for a #unboxing video! Your branded mug can help expand your brand and reach insta-famous status with a bit of creativity and cool design!

Have questions about designing a Custom Branded Mug? We’re here to help!