Are you eager to turn your blank t-shirts and hoodies into eye-catching canvases of self-expression or brand promotion? Look no further than the art of screen printing. With its ability to transform plain fabric into personalized masterpieces, screen printing has gained popularity across various sectors. In this guide, we delve into the where and how of screen printing, exploring optimal imprint sizes and standard print locations that guarantee a stylish and professional finish.

Where to Showcase Your Logo with Optimal Imprint Sizes and Locations

Explore the optimal locations for showcasing your logo and promoting your brand:

1. Left/Right Chest

Imprint Size: 2.5”-4” wide/tall Placement: 3” below collar, centered to Left/Right edge of collar

This classic location allows for a subtle yet impactful placement of your logo or design. Perfect for a professional and understated look.

2. Full Front/Back

imprint Size: 12” wide/tall Front Placement: 3” below collar, centered to shirt Back Placement: 4” below collar, centered to shirt

Ideal for bold statements, these locations offer a wide canvas to showcase intricate designs. Make a lasting impression with designs that span across the front or back.

3 Center Chest

Imprint Size: 5”-9” wide/tall Placement: 3” below collar, centered to the shirt

Positioned front and center, this spot ensures maximum visibility for your design. This is the sweet spot for getting your logo noticed.

4. Back Tag Print

Imprint Size: 12” wide/tall Placement: 1.5”-4” wide, 1.5” below collar, centered to shirt

Also known as a Yoke Print or Locker Patch, this area adds a touch of uniqueness to your garment. Make your logo a conversation starter.

Whether you have a specific location in mind or need guidance, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Your logo, your style – let’s make it happen.

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