When welcoming new team members, that first impression is lasting. At B-BAM, we create custom swag that’s more than a gift; it’s an embodiment of your company’s culture, an identity statement, and a heartfelt token of appreciation.

B-BAM delivers personalized swag, tailored to your company’s ethos. Our custom company swag isn’t just about slapping logos on items; it’s about crafting a swag experience that speaks to your brand identity, values, and quality.

With B-BAM, you have a partner who understands that swag is more than “Stuff We All Get.” It’s about fostering pride, belonging, and enthusiasm among your team. It’s a way to reinforce your company culture, to celebrate milestones, and to express appreciation.

Why Choose B-BAM for Your Custom Swag Needs?

In a world where first impressions matter, B-BAM stands out as a leader in crafting custom swag experiences that elevate your brand. We offer a range of custom logo swag and promotional swag that go beyond the ordinary.

Personalized Swag for Onboarding New Team Members

Welcoming new hires with style is more than a gesture; it’s a statement of your company’s commitment to excellence. Our custom swag for onboarding new employees leaves an indelible mark. Imagine tastefully branded office essentials, insulated coffee mugs, snacks, custom logo candles, and matchboxes—all elegantly presented in a B-BAM swag box. It’s a warm welcome and a genuine sense of belonging from day one.

Promotional Swag for Special Events

Special events require special touches. Whether planning a company retreat, offsite event, or an employee incentive trip, B-BAM takes your event to the next level with on-theme promotional swag boxes. Surprise attendees upon arrival or build anticipation by sending swag ahead of time. Create a memorable experience they won’t forget.

Why Do Companies Give Employees Swag?

Companies give employees swag for several reasons. It’s a gesture of appreciation. Swag communicates that a company values its employees and wants them to feel welcome and appreciated from the very start. Swag serves as a symbol of recognition for their contribution.

Swag is also a powerful tool for building and reinforcing company culture. When employees receive personalized swag that aligns with the company’s values, it creates a sense of belonging. It’s a way to say, “You’re part of something special.”

Furthermore, swag is an excellent way to celebrate milestones and achievements. Swag adds a personal touch to these moments.

What Swag Is Best?

You can give your employees a variety of swag today. It’s important to give something unique. For example, giving out a pen with your logo isn’t enough. You want to provide something better. Here are a few ideas:

  • Apparel, like t-shirts or hats, can be customized for different achievements.
  • Useful items, such as computer bags, flash drives, desk organizers, water bottles, coffee mugs, umbrellas, or custom North Face jackets.
  • Office decoration, like logoed toys, picture frames, or other desk ornaments.
  • Customized stationery, including branded notebooks, pens, and sticky notes.
  • High-quality tech gadgets like custom headphones, wireless chargers, or stylus pens.
  • Wellness items such as branded yoga mats, stress balls, or fitness trackers.

A great idea is to combine some of these items into a new employee basket or a gift basket for a certain achievement.

New Hire Welcome Kits that are awesome and unconventional! Cool New Hire Kits Seattle
New Hire Welcome Kits that are awesome and unconventional! Cool New Hire Kits Seattle


Investing in custom swag with B-BAM isn’t just about giving your employees a gift; it’s about building a stronger, more vibrant, and loyal team. It’s the first step towards creating a workplace where appreciation, belonging, and enthusiasm flourish.

At B-BAM, we’re not just crafting swag; we’re crafting memorable experiences that leave a lasting impact on your team. Start this extraordinary onboarding journey with B-BAM today, and watch your company culture and success soar. Give your employees the swag they’ll proudly wear, and together, let’s elevate your brand to new heights.

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