Hey there, fabulous friends! 🌈

At B-BAM, we’re over the rainbow excited to announce the launch of our exclusive PRIDE merchandise collection for 2024! Get ready to sprinkle some love, celebrate diversity, and show off your true colors with our colorful and empowering products. But before we dive into the glitter and glam of our new collection, let’s take a moment to reflect on the significance of Pride Month and why it’s such a big deal.

Why is it important to acknowledge and celebrate Pride Month?

Pride Month isn’t just about parades and parties (although those are pretty awesome too!). It’s a time to honor the ongoing journey for equality and acceptance within the LGBTQ+ community. It’s about standing tall, being proud of who you are, and spreading love, joy, and acceptance to everyone around you.

What is the purpose of the pride celebration?

Picture this: a parade filled with rainbows, glitter, and love in every color of the rainbow. That’s what a pride celebration is all about! It’s a chance for LGBTQ+ folks and allies to come together, celebrate their identities, and show the world that love is love, no matter who you are or who you love.

What does pride stand for?

Pride isn’t just a feeling—it’s a movement. It’s about standing up for what’s right, fighting for equality, and spreading love and acceptance wherever you go. Whether you’re waving a rainbow flag or rocking a fabulous pride tee, pride is all about showing the world that you’re here, you’re proud, and you’re not afraid to be yourself. Together, we can make a difference and support organizations like the Seattle Pride Org that are dedicated to advancing LGBTQIA+ rights and equality.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff—our PRIDE collection for 2024! 🎉

Get ready to slay the rainbow runway with our latest and greatest PRIDE products! From rainbow-themed apparel to accessories that scream “love is love,” we’ve got everything you need to celebrate PRIDE in style. And the best part? Our products aren’t just for show—they’re made to spread love, acceptance, and joy wherever you go.

1. Everywhere Cross Body Belt Bag

Perfect for carrying your essentials while dancing the day away at pride festivals or parades. Keep your hands free and your belongings safe in style!

Everywhere Cross Body Belt Bag

2. Pride Can Cooler

Keep your beverages cool and refreshing during pride events or backyard BBQs. Show off your pride while enjoying a cold drink with friends.

Pride Can Cooler

3. 3″ Round Button

Wear it proudly on your shirt or bag to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community at pride marches, rallies, or everyday outings.

3″ Round Button

4. Rainbow Fan

Beat the heat and spread some rainbow love with our vibrant rainbow fan. It’s a stylish accessory that will keep you cool and show your pride wherever you go.

Rainbow Fan

5. Rainbow Neon Billboard Sunglasses

Make a bold fashion statement while protecting your eyes from the sun. These sunglasses are perfect for adding a pop of color to your pride outfit or accessorizing any summer look.

Rainbow Neon Billboard Sunglasses

6. Rainbow Body Flag

Waving the Rainbow Body Flag is a powerful symbol of unity and solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. It’s not just a garment; it’s a statement of pride, inclusion, and support for diversity. By wearing this flag, your team members can visibly demonstrate their commitment to equality and celebrate the vibrant spectrum of identities within the community.

Rainbow Body Flag

7. Cotton Bucket Hat

The Cotton Bucket Hat offers more than just sun protection; it’s a versatile accessory that lets your team proudly display their support for Pride Month wherever they go. Whether they’re participating in Pride marches, outdoor events, or simply enjoying a sunny day, this hat serves as a bold expression of allyship and inclusivity.

Cotton Bucket Hat

8. Rainbow Pride Flag Face Paint

Face paint isn’t just for fun—it’s a powerful tool for self-expression and celebration. With the Rainbow Pride Flag Face Paint, your team members can transform themselves into walking works of art, proudly showcasing their support for the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a colorful way to make a statement and spread love and acceptance during Pride Month and beyond.

Rainbow Pride Flag Face Paint

9. The Rainbow Spectrum Auto-Open Folding Umbrella

Rain or shine, the Rainbow Spectrum Auto-Open Folding Umbrella is a must-have accessory for Pride supporters. Not only does it offer protection from the elements, but it also serves as a visible symbol of solidarity and pride. By carrying this umbrella, your team members can show their unwavering support for LGBTQ+ rights and equality, rain or shine.

The Rainbow Spectrum Auto-Open Folding Umbrella

10. Pride Sugar Rush Candy Box

Sweet treats are a universal language of celebration, and the Pride Sugar Rush Candy Box is no exception. By sharing these delicious goodies with your team, you’re not only satisfying their sweet tooth but also spreading joy and positivity. It’s a simple yet meaningful way to foster a sense of camaraderie and support within your organization during Pride Month and beyond.

Pride Sugar Rush Candy Box

Explore our amazing PRIDE items, each crafted to celebrate love, diversity, and equality in your own unique way. Whether you’re gearing up for a pride parade, hosting a colorful party, or simply spreading love and acceptance, we’ve got you covered!

BBAM Supports Pride!

These are just a few examples of our amazing PRIDE items. Join us in embracing PRIDE and spreading love, acceptance, and rainbow magic wherever you go! Shop our PRIDE collection and let your true colors shine bright.

Have questions or need assistance? Reach out to us at info@b-bam.com and let’s chat!

Together, let’s make this world a little brighter, a little bolder, and a whole lot more fabulous! 🌈✨