When you begin your marketing process, you may not think about merchandising for your business. However, it is vastly important that these two strategies go hand-in-hand. A seamless relationship is crucial and beneficial to any business marketing concept!

The biggest asset that stems from proper merch is heightened brand awareness. The more your logo is out and about, being worn and marketed, the more your brand is on the public’s mind. Marketing your logos, your events, and using merch to do it is one of the simplest ways to intrigue customers and make it STICK!

For example, imagine a client or customer you had a meeting with months ago taking a pen from the meeting that has your brand’s name or logo on it. Whenever they pick up this pen again, after the meeting, they will have you on their mind and that alone can increase business flow!

Just that simple thought or recognition can be a second meeting in the works! Now pair that with a custom-made journal and maybe a mug or two, and you’ve got your business on another business’ mind. 

Merch can also be handy when it comes to customer loyalty. If they’ve purchased something from your business or worked with you in the past and you’ve sent them a little something extra, such as socks, a mug or a tumbler, they may appreciate that gesture so much that they work with you again.

 This, once again, keeps a customer’s mind on you having your logo on their cup of joe each day. 

Now, not only does merch help your business, but it also benefits a business-to-business sales and marketing approach. Let’s say you order a large shipment of jackets, shirts and socks from B-BAM! You end up loving the merch you got, feeling stylish and fun in the workplace, so you post about it on social media. Now you have not only increased your own business’ popularity but another one as well! 

From the business owner to the business owner, marketing with the merchandising approach is crucial!

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