Branded Coolers


Give your clients the GIFT of COOL with branded coolers featuring your branded business.

It’s not hard to imagine branded coolers have boomed in 2020 with more consumers spending time outdoors and we don’t see this trend slowing down anytime soon. With estaurants still restricted to outdoor dining and family and friends avoiding indoor interactions, it is no suprise that consumers are taking their social gatherings outdoors.

With so many businesses struggling to find their footing in a Covid-19 economy, at B-BAM! we are taking a granular look at some of the trends that are booming in this down economy. If you are looking for promotional products that will get the most IRL (in real life) impressions. Look no further then a custom branded cooler!


Printed Coolers

Screen printed coolers are a popular method for creating  custom branded coolers. To keep your custom printed coolers cost effective, we recommend minimizing the colors in your artwork. Each additional color requires a seperate screen which drives up the cost of your project.

At B-BAM! We can help narrow down your ideal custom cooler that meets your criteria and even help you prepare your artwork for production.

Embroidery Coolers:

We also offer embroidery services but embroidery might not be the best option for some of our coolers. When in doubt, ask a B-BAMINAL (aka project manager)


Why Branded Coolers? 

1. Branded coolers get a lot of mileage (literally)

2. They appeal to a wide audience

3. They are useful and have a higher percieved value

4. Where there is a cooler, there is a gathering which means more exposure for your brand!

5. If you add an eye-catching slogan, you can’t help but get noticed!

6. Summer BBQ’s, Camping, Sporting Events, Beach time, need a say more? Your clients will always think of (insert brand name)  when they think of FUN TIMES!

We could go on and on but I think you get the drift. Custom Branded Coolers is forecasted to be the “it ” accessory for 2021. Wow your clients or team members (employee appreciation day is coming, hint hint) with a gift that supports outdoor fun!

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