What’s in the Branded Cooler?

The Branded Cooler has become “thee fashion statement” of 2020. As consumers shifted their buying habits to fit their quarantine lifestyle, branded coolers became the unsung hero of the promotional products market. While no one saw this coming, it really came as no surprise as the year progressed and indoor social events became unsafe. 

Getting into nature, and exploring the best local camping grounds became a trending solution for quarantine cabin fever

Extended families and friends loaded up a cooler full of charcuterie  and headed to national parks to catch up with friends. Or, they would host small outdoor gatherings around a backyard bonfire with a portable cooler full of snacks and beverages. 

The Branded Cooler made outdoor living more accessible and as we coast into Spring 2021, this poses a great opportunity for brands to use a branded cooler as a walking billboard. Brilliant right? 

“Although businesses have taken a hit this past year, at B-BAM! We challenge brands to meet consumers where they are at”. As more and more consumers choose to unplug and get outdoors, this creates a great opportunity to add major value to your clients with a custom branded cooler. 

What’s in the Branded Cooler? 

branded cooler

Take your Branded Coolers to the next level by creating Picnic Kits  Virtual Tasting Kits or Virtual Festival Kits. Another option is to fully customize a cooler kit by stocking a few goodies in a custom branded cooler and distributing them to your top-level clients and employees. 

We can build a custom kit featuring your branded cooler and drop ship it out to your clients and/or team members. 

A few of our clients have also simply ordered custom branded coolers in bulk and stocked them with local food and wine pairings for a virtual company picnic, Zoom style!

It’s officially 52 days away from the first day of Spring. It’s time to think about how your promotional marketing portfolio will create the biggest impact and return on investment. WIth so many consumers opting to unplug or take a “social media break”, pumping more money into ads might have worked in the past but will it be the best way to get in front of your clients?

Meet them where they are by giving them the gift of adventure and convenience with a custom branded cooler. In 2021, it’s about creating connections and less about accumulating impressions. Branded coolers support that connection. 

Happy trails!

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