Company Picnic Ideas for Virtual Teams

Don’t cancel your 2021 Company Picnic!

How to make it a really unique virtual experience!


It’s less then 10 days away from Spring 2021 and although vaccinations are underway. Experts say it could still be a ways out until we can gather in large groups. This presents a challenge for businesses who are faced with another year of telling their employees that the company picnic or company BBQ will be cancelled again. 


However, instead of cancelling the company picnic, why not look at it as an opportunity to create a memorable and unique experience that will go down in company history. All your employees will remember that year when your team did a virtual “Weekend at Bernie’s” theme beach party with 80’s beach attire or the one where your team decided to host a virtual company picnic in Santorini while the group took a virtual pasta making course via Air B&B virtual


Although nothing beats actual face to face interaction with your team, use this opportunity to create a super special, unique company picnic that your team so desperately needs. 

By making the experience both virtual (via zoom meeting) and tangible via B-BAM! Promotional products, you are creating an experience that is the next best thing to actually being at a company picnic IRL (in real life). 


Here are some of B-BAM!’s coolest company picnic promo items that we can custom brand and ship to your team!

How to create a virtual Company Picnic for your team!

Go For Novelty!

Make your virtual company party super fun with novelty, themed items that are nostalgic and youthful! Everyone loves a fun themed beach party! Add custom printed sunnies that your team can wear in the zoom party, custom t-shirts with a FUN party SLOGAN like “son of a beach”, add a kitschy flamingo blow-up cup koozie, shark water guns and more!


company picnic  kits, virtual company picnic

Make It a Staycation:

Give your employees an early hooky day to just lounge around on their company hammock with a cocktail koozie, snacks and book in hand. Add a zoom party or book a Air B & B virtual travel tour to make it a company wide staycation! All the below items are available for custom branding & Drop-Shipping

company picnic

Add Fun Treats to your Company Picnic Swag!

Add caramel popcorn treats, smore kits, nut mixes or your favorite novelty candies to your company party pack! B-BAM! Makes it fun with brightly colored totes and carriers. Just add your fun branding or company picnic slogan for a customized look! B-BAM! offers custom printed and dropshipping!

company picnic kits

B-BAM! is your GO-TO promotional products agency for virtual event kits & work from home kits for your remote teams. Check out our gift kit page for more options! We have a wide range of products to choose from, so if you don’t see exactely what you are looking for, just contact one of our project managers and we’ll send you a presentation of our best items for your project!

Ready to build your Virtual Company Picnic with B-BAM! ? Connect with one of our B-BAMINAL project managers today and we’ll help you build the perfect virtual event kits for your fun day!