Custom Embroidery KEXP Messenger Bag

Custom Embroidery

The History Of Custom Embroidery

Embroidery is a very old technique used for decorating garments. A fossil was found dating back to 30,000 BC. It had embroidery on the items a hunter had with him. Back then they embroidered by hand. Around 1826, the first hand embroidery machine was invented. It allowed one person to do the work of four people. Since then embroidery machines and techniques have continued to evolve and production time has lessened.

Custom Embroidery Hat for Bungie. B-BAM! Seattle

Embroidered Flex Fit Cap

Custom Embroidery Patch Created for Robinhood Financial

Embroidered patch

custom embroidery Impinj beanie

Custom woven patch sewn onto a beanie.

Custom Embroidery Application

We can custom embroider your logo on caps, bags, and apparel. Although embroidered items can cost a bit more, they give your apparel a more professional look and have a higher perceived value. The imprint lasts longer and won’t fade. We usually embroider caps, polos, and woven shirts but we rarely embroider t-shirts. We always embroider fleece or any item that is fuzzy. Due to the nap of fleece, ink does not lay down on it very well and might even crack.

As you can see in the photo to the left, we can embroider all sorts of products. In addition to terry cloth wristbands, we can embroider patches, golf towels and blankets. Custom embroidery works especially well for backpacks and messenger bags which are hard to screen print because you cannot lay them down flat.

The number of colors we can stitch on patches is limited to 8 and the number of colors we can embroider on any one design is 6 without incurring extra fees.


Custom Embroidery Sweat Band

Photo Realistic Custom Embroidery

Because of the expense of larger designs, 90% of our embroidery is 4″ wide and under. However, we can do large complex designs as well. In fact, we can take a photo or several photos and convert them into a design that can be embroidered. 


Above is a photo our customer sent us. They wanted to have the tug boat embroidered on the back of Carhartt work jackets as an employee gift for long term tug boat operators.


The customer requested that we add their company name and the tugboat name somewhere on the jacket. We designed the above lay out for their approval.
Our customer was happy with the way the design looked so next we digitized the file. Quality digitization is paramount for the design to look like the photo. Once the files were correct we embroidered the above on the back of carhartt jackets.


Custom Embroidery Pricing

Custom Embroidery is priced based on the stitch count which is the number of stitches sewn onto the garment. The larger you want the logo and the more fill in the logo, the more stitches it will take and the more expensive it will be. The upside is that we will not charge you based on the number of colors in the design up to 6. This is the exact opposite of screen printing, where the size of the logo does not affect the price but the number of colors does. 

Before we embroider your logo we need to digitize it so that the embroidery machine knows in what sequence it should stitch your artwork and also what types of stitches to use. There is a fee to digitize your artwork but it varies per design. The more complicated your logo the more expensive it is.

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