4 Easy Tips to design  perfect

Custom Embroidery Patches

customers will rave about!


Patches are a creative way to spread the message of your brand in a simple yet impactful way! If you are looking to expand your business into retail products, patches are ideal for two major reasons.  For starters,  they are so economical to ship & returns are few and far-between when working with a company like B-BAM where quality is a guarantee.

 We make it super easy here at B-BAM! To design and produce your branded custom embroidery patches. It’s as simple as sending us a simple email and we’ll handle the rest. No settling for what’s available online. No second guessing artwork files, etc. We have our project managers (B-BAMINALS) ready to handle all the details. 

Need help designing a custom embroidery patch? We can help with that too!

This post won’t go into the gritty details of producing a custom embroidery patch because you’re a busy business owner and those details can be left to the professional production team.

custom embroidery patches

4 Tips for design custom embroidery patches customers will rave about!


Dainty details can get lost in the embroidery look. The design & message should be clear and easy to read. Create an impactful design with thick lines and contrasting colors and borders. Simplify artwork by removing little details that can be a distraction on such a small surface area. We can help you simplify or clean up your artwork if you don’t know where to start.



Create contrast as much as possible. If your logo colors are really tonal, consider using your main color with a more stark background like a white or if your logo is white, consider a black or deep navy background. The purpose of a successful embroidery patch is visibility, so make it easy on the eyes with as much contrast in your colors as possible. 


Think about the sheer popularity of the iconic I HEART NY T-Shirt designed by Milton Glaser. This is a great example of how less is sometimes more when we want to create an impactful design. Patches aren’t the right product for cramming in as much self-promotional content as possible. A great thing to consider when designing your custom embroidery patches is, your ideal client. What would they want your branded patch to say about them?


custom embroidery patches

Get Creative: 

Remember the Got Milk campaign? Or the “Have a Nice Day” smiley face printed on plastic grocery bags? These are iconic designs that are simple yet impactful. Think about what you want your patch design to do for your customers. Make them laugh? Make them think? Make them feel fashionable? Smart? Rebellious? Tech Savvy? etc….

Quick Custom Embroidery Patch Basics:

Embroidery Percentage:

When we refer to the embroidery percentage, we are referring to the density of the threads used in a patch

Patch backing options: 

There are several custom embroidery patch backing options to consider:

  • Sewn on ( for customers that like to sew but this option may not be very universally used)
  • Self-Sticking patches ( this can appeal to a wider audience)

The base material used for your patches:

Embroidery is usually sewn on twill material varying in texture and weight. 

The Border Options for your Custom Embroidery Patches:

  • Merrowed Borders: slightly raised and borders the circumference of the patch in a simple shape like a circle, square or oval. 
  • Die-Cut Borders:  Are for more complex designs. If you want to trace the artwork shape, this would be a great option for that. 

When you’re ready to design your next custom embroidery patches, just call on B-BAM! and we’ll  help  you navigate through the details to insurance a super cool, custom embroidery patch, EVERY. TIME. 

Ready to learn more or get started with custom embroidery patches? Connect with one of our B-BAMINAL project managers today and we’ll handle the rest!