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Graphic Design

The History of Graphic Design


You can trace the very beginnings of graphic design back to the rudimentary drawings on cave walls by prehistoric man. Some 40,000 years ago they painted symbols as a way of communicating, which is very similar to how we use current graphic designs. However, the art has evolved quite a bit since then.

The term “graphic design” was coined in 1922 by William Addison Dwiggens. He used it to describe his way of utilizing typesetting, illustration and design to create books. It has come to mean creating a combination of text, photos, illustrations and logos mainly used in advertisements, publication, websites and product design.

Good Graphic Design Matters

B-BAM! has graphic designers on staff for one reason… We care what stuff looks like!

Good graphic design makes all of the difference. It takes your ho hum promotional item and turns it into a retail quality product that not only promotes your brand but that people are clamoring to get their hands on.

Our Graphic Design Process

At B-BAM! our first step is understanding your company’s brand personality.

We like to say we uncover your company’s heart and present it to your customers in the form of swag. Most marketing fails because it’s impersonal. Bombarding people with sales bullet points, graphs, and price comparisons alone doesn’t build relationships. Emotion is far more effective at driving action than logic (proven science thing).

This is why we research both you and your target customers, understanding not only how your service meets their needs, but also how your values align with theirs. We strategically design your swag to symbolize these two qualities.

Things to think about when considering your design. Will your design be screen printed, embroidered or printed on swag? If swag what size product and how many colors can be printed on it? As a rule of thumb, the smaller the product the fewer the colors can be printed.

Graphic Design Pricing

We want you to have the best possible swag! Because it is so important to us, we make it easy for you and for your wallet. 
  • Simple Lay out and changes to your logo and/or artwork are always FREE! (up to 30 minutes of design time)
  • If your order value is over $2,500 we will design it for you for FREE with unlimited revisions. (WOW!)
  • If your order is under $2,500 and you need extensive design help or creation then you could incur reasonable charges based on $35 an hour. Going rates for graphic design are $85 to $125 (Such a deal!)


Examples of Graphic Designs created by B-BAM!

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