Addressing Zoom Fatigue With Ice Breaker Games

Zoom Meetings have been the solution for remote workers during Covid-19 and although it has been a highly sought after tool for video conferencing, problems are beginning to surface. Enter Zoom Fatigue. 

So what exactly is ZOOM Fatigue?

According to psychiatric times, humans are hardwired to unconsciously assess the “reward-cost tradeoff” of any given task. 

A reward-cost trade-off in terms of Zoom meetings may go a little something like this: 

Cost: “Not another Zoom Meeting today, they all feel the same and my work day feels so monotonous and uninspiring”

Reward: ????

ice breaker games

Back before 2020, in-office meetings used tangible tools to break up the monotony of the day and challenged team members to interact in smaller groups. In an in-person meeting, the Reward-Cost Trade-off might have sounded something like this:


Cost: “ I have so many meetings today

Reward: “The meeting today will provide games and snacks which will be a fun way to interact with my team and break up the day”

Other Zoom Fatigue contributing factors:

There are also other factors that contribute to Zoom Fatigue like spotty wifi freezing up meeting screens. Zoom Fatigue can also be triggered by what researchers are calling “mirror anxiety”, which stems from having to see yourself on video which can cause self-conscious feelings to arise. 

So how can businesses help employees cope with Zoom Fatigue while making meetings productive, fun & engaging again?

Elevate your Zoom Ice Breaker Games with Ice Breaker Kits

ice breaker games

 Ice Breaker Games are a great way to engage your employees during your Zoom meetings but it doesn’t really remove the friction of your attendees feeling overwhelmed by interacting with so many team members in a day. What made IN- OFFICE  ice breaker games so successful was the multi-experience meetings where snacks and tangible games removed some of the awkwardness of interaction. 

When you give your employees snacks and tangible games, it allows them to engage in a way that feels more casual and removes some of the pressures associated with Zoom Meetings. 


Think about it this way. 

Imagine going to a party in IRL (In Real Life) where most of your attendees feel a little anxious to interact. 

Now imagine that this party has no snacks, no music, no games & just dry dialog. Sounds pretty awkward right? Now imagine that everyone in this party has to see themselves on camera. 


Let’s look at scenario number 2.

Now imagine the same party goers showing up to this party and there are games, drinks, snacks and ice-breaker questions thrown into the mix to help everyone loosen up a bit. 

ice breaker games


Scenario Number 2 is B-BAM’s  Solution to Video Conferencing.

We aim to take the awkward | lame | boring & redundant elements out of company meetings so you can go back to engaging your team or clients on a level that is inspiring and fun instead of daunting and boring. 

ice breaker games

B-BAM’s Ice Breaker Game Kits

Send your individual meeting attendees Never Have I Ever game kits that include a game paddle and snacks. Ask your teams a series of questions while they use their game paddle to respond. If a few attendees use the “Yes I have” side of the paddle, ask them to tell a brief story about their experience. Snacks are provided with the kits along with drop shipping for a fun, interactive & seamless experience. 


Or perhaps host a Virtual Beer Tasting that includes, tasting glasses,  a beer flight board and a mixed nuts snack pack. (Beer not provided)


Or perhaps a classic game of BINGO is more your pace. Our BINGO board Ice Breaker Kits include a healthy snack kit. 

All kits offer custom branding and drop shipping.

ice breaker games

Elevating your Zoom Meeting experience with Ice Breaker Kits not only helps to engage your team and/or clients but it also helps to boost morale and productivity.

Zoom Fatigue doesn’t have to zap your business of its energy. Creating a FUN Zoom meeting experience that feels as close as possible to an in-person interaction can help revive boring meetings and can help put an end to Zoom Fatigue. 

Need help getting started with Ice Breaker Kits for your
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