As Ad Fatigue Increases, Some Brands are shifting Their Ad Spend to Gifting Web Stores.


With the acceleration of brands buying impressions on social media, some businesses funnel their ad budgets into Promotional Pop-Up Shops.


Why does this matter?

Why are Some Businesses Focusing on Promotional Product Pop-Up Shops?

Well, generosity is authentic, and it does a pretty great job of generating leads when crafted with care. We’ve all clicked on ads & signed up for free webinars that turned out to be a one-hour sales pitch. This funnel method isn’t anything new and may be contributing to the ad fatigue we are collectively experiencing on social media.

webstore pop-up promotional product website

Enter the Pop-up Web Store Campaign.

Promotional Pop-Ups are the simple business solution to buzz-worthy social media contests & client gifting. Brands can funnel winners to an Online Pop-Up Shop where they hand-select their free gift, and it’s drop-shipped to their door.

Why bother with physical products?

Tangible gifts (when branded with intention) can have a lasting impression on your audience, and the purpose of any outreach campaign should be relationship building and trust.

How Are Online Pop-Up Stores used for Generating Leads?

Online pop-Up stores are great for fundraising, contest giveaway’s, employee & client gifting or onboarding. The opportunities are endless.

How To Create an Online Merch Pop-Up Store:

A Women-Owned and Operated Promotional Product Agency, B-BAM! Will set you up with a free Online Pop-Up with the purchase of products.

  1. You’ll discuss custom branding, artwork files, placement, pricing & minimums for the promotional products.
  2. Once products are confirmed, we’ll launch your store on the B-BAM! network! (YAY!) . Your online store will feature mock-up artwork of your products with customer service included in the experience.

Need help starting a Promotional Product order or Web Store?