Welcome your newest team members while increasing your brand outreach with awesome New Hire Welcome Kits!

Hiring new employees can be an exciting and nerve racking experience for both the employer and the newest employee. That’s why top brands are using New Hire Welcome Kits to help break the ice and welcome their newest team members with fun, branded swag!

New Hire Welcome Kits are not only a great way to inspire your newest employees but the residual benefits can help your business recruit talent and increase it’s brand reach!

New Hire Welcome Kits that are awesome and unconventional! Cool New Hire Kits Seattle

How could a New Hire Welcome Kit also act as a marketing & talent recruiting tool?


Well, consider this. Your newly hired employee (we’ll call her Amanda) opens her New Hire Welcome Kit, courtesy of (Insert Company Name here). She is in awe with all the fun merch she just received and as a result, snaps a few photos with her phone for her social media account.

Her followers leave a comment congratulating her on the new role and click on your company’s social media profile to learn more about Amanda’s newest employer.  This creates what we like to call in Marketing “impressions”. Normally on social media platforms “impressions” are gained with paid promotions but Amanda just did it for you. All through the power of “Word of Mouth Marketing”. 

Let’s take it a step further shall we? Now let’s say, Amanda’s friends are like-minded professionals. Cleverly-crafted New Hire Kits can appeal to this talent pool in a major way!  For example, a new hire welcome kit with a nerf gun and yo-yo says “we have fun here” & “a work- life balance matters”. Being that 46% of job seekers consider “company culture” in their search for their next employer, new hire welcome kits can become a savvy recruiting tool.

New Hire Welcome Kits that are awesome and unconventional! Cool New Hire Kits Seattle

But what does one put in a New Hire Welcome Kit?


Start with the essentials. A cool branded notebook, a sticky note cube with inspirational quotes, a usb drive & some colored gel pens make for a fun office kit! Sprinkle in some awesome swag like a branded hoodie, water bottle, laptop bag or fun tote!

New Hire Welcome Kits that are awesome and unconventional! Cool New Hire Kits Seattle

Do you offer A Happy Hour Friday in the office? Promote that with a custom branded beer steine mug. Or perhaps, ultimate team frisbee has become a thing in your company culture & a pop-color frisbee would add a touch of charector to your New Hire Welcome Kit!


When putting together your New Hire Welcome Kits, B-BAM! can help you pair products that reflect your unique company culture. That is what would do best! Custom promotional products that WOW and create community!

Welcome your newest team members in style with  custom branded New Hire Kits and let it be your tool for promoting your cool company culture! We are here to help you build a New Hire Kit that reflects your unique brand!


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