Why Your Team Needs a

Branded New Hire Kit

And how to create a company wide NEW HIRE KIT , like a boss!

This year, you’ve made the leap and decided to hire some new team members to help  accomplish your business goals. Congrats! Building a strong team is an essential progression for the growth of your business.

With new hire start dates fast approaching, do you have a plan in place to help your newest employees acclimate to your team? Especially with social distancing and remote working, a branded New Hire Kit is more important than ever! 

A New Hire Kit can help new team members learn the rules & regulations of an organization. They also offer a warm welcome and help new hires feel supported. Below are some tips for creating your very own company New Hire Kit for your newest team members!

The Essentials

Employee Handbook:

 An Employee Handbook should feature your company mission statement & office rules and regulations. The employee handbook should also have a contact list for key departments such as HR, IT, management, the design department, etc. 

Make your employee handbook fun & engaging with bios, fun facts & pictures of team members at company retreats. Highlight top performers, employee testimonials and details about company perks! Make it personal with a heartfelt letter from the CEO welcoming the newest members.

new hire kit

Tech Tools:

Set your employees up for success with tech tools they’ll need for remote work, company travel or while in the office. 

Some of our most requested tech promotional items are:

Hotspot: when wifi is spotty, give them the tools they need to work on the fly

Wireless phone charger: Perfect for traveling employees

Meeting Light Kit: Help them present on Zoom with confidence with a light kit

USB Flash Drives: Save files quickly and make them portable

Portable Speakers: Get the most of working from home with external portable speakers

Earbuds: Help you team stay focused with earbuds. For extra credit, why no create a relaxing playlist for your team?

3-1 charging cables: A 3-1 of common charging ports

Safety Essentials:

Keep you team healthy during Covid-19 with a Return to Work PPE Kit  featuring hand sanitizer, a PPE mask and branded socks (just for fun). This kit is a fun add-on to New Hire Kits

Work From Home Kits-Return To Work Essentials-company-kits

Office Essentials:

Remote teams need a steady stream of office supplies on hand. Start them off right with office essentials they’ll need to excel at their new job!

  1. Padfolios: For quick meeting notes
  2. Sticky Notes: For team brainstorming activities
  3. Pens and pencils

Fun Branded Swag: 

Your newest team members are going to be jazzed to be an extension of your company. Give them some playful swag to help them be a part of the team!

  1. Branded Hoodie
  2. Branded T-Shirt
  3. Branded Tote
  4. Branded Water Bottles
  5. Branded Coffee Mug

Ice Breaker Kits:

Get to know your newest employees and help them acclimate to the team with a FUN Ice Breaker Kit featuring a snack pack and game accessories! Perfect for your next Zoom meeting!

virtual meeting

Fitness Team Kits: 

Nothing says team building quite like a team sport. Our Virtual Team Fitness Kits help to keep your employees energized and motivated while they work remotely!

Start a virtual cross country running team with fitness kits that feature a pedometer, water bottle and sweatbands. Reward the teams with the most steps in the week!

Start a Virtual Yoga class by sending your team members yoga kits and a membership to an online virtual yoga class!

Gym Rat Virtual Packs are great for those team members that love resistant training!

Get Mindful with Mindfulness Kits: Help your team practice mental health and stress management with our stress-relieving kits!

new hire kit

Party On:

Throw your new team members a virtual party in their honor. Our virtual party kits help newly hired employees reduce some of the “new kid” jitters and feel welcomed by their teammates! Who doesn’t like a work party right?

Virtual Happy Hour:  Reward a hardworking team with an end of the week Virtual Happy Hour featuring cocktail kits and snacks!

Work-a-palooza: Throw a virtual company rager with tunes, snacks and fun festival swag!

Or perhaps your team is more of a refined crowd. Try Wine tasting or a Beer Flight Happy Hour kit!

new hire kit

All our new hire kit options come priced with custom branding. Need a custom box & dropshipping? We can do that too! Create cool new hire kits for your remote employees has never been easier!

Ready to learn more or get started with a New Hire Kit order? Connect with one of our B-BAMINAL project managers today and we’ll handle the rest!