Printed Coolers


A feature of some of our favorite Printed Coolers and how to create your own Custom branded cooler with B-BAM!


We’ve talked about Branded Coolers being the HOT promotional Item of 2021+.

We’ve also covered the EXCITING NEW ways that brands are creating virtual picnics, festivals & tasting events with kitted items nestled in a custom printed cooler. Just add a Zoom conference and call it the next best thing to a IRL (in real life) party!


So alright, you’ve decided “HECK YES”, our company needs to distribute custom branded coolers for our next virtual event or as a Cool (no pun intended) give-away item but now what?


Where do you start? How do you create a memorable printed cooler? Is it just a matter of adding a logo? Well, it depends. Before your start dreaming and scheming your next new venture in COOLER products, think about your intent. 


-Will this Cooler be for conservative corporate clients?

-Will it be for conservative team members?

Then a muted colored printed cooler with a subdued, classic logo is always a safe bet.

printed coolers

But, perhaps your clientele or team is a little bit different…


-Are they a younger demographic?

-Do they like “conversation” items like showy t-shirts with funny slogans?

-Is this promotional printed cooler going to be for concert goer’s or festival lovers?


Then you might want to consider a design that has a little more POP!

Printed Coolers

One way to plan your custom printed cooler design, is to think about how your clientele dresses. A minimalist that wears ALL BLACK, may feel a little silly towing around a bright yellow cooler. Or if you were hosting a virtual concert and wanted to create a custom kit of items to send to your attendees, a rock concert cooler would look a lot different then a pop concert cooler. 


A beerfest with virtual bands would most likely have more graphic elements to their printed cooler than a conservative wine tasting virtual event would. 


But don’t get too stuck in analysis paralysis. B-BAM! has on-staff graphic designers and we can help you flesh out a COOL Cooler design concept. We have 100’s of cooler options to choose from but luckily, B-BAM! Has onsite project managers (B-BAMINALS) that will do the research for you. Making sure you are 100% jazzed about your finished printed cooler. 

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