Eye-catching Promotional-Branded Boxes!

The unboxing video trend on YouTube isn’t going away anytime soon. Are your Promotional-Branded Boxes cool enough to share?

If not, you may be missing an opportunity for your brand to go viral!

Imagine a VLOGGER with over 1 million subscribers getting a hold of your product with intentions of featuring it to her large audience. Free advertisement in exchange for free product? Heck YASSS! So you mail her your latest and greatest products.

But there’s only one problem. Your packaging sort of looks like an afterthought! EEEK!

promotional branded boxes retail

Promotional package design is an experience in and of itself and is the FIRST thing your clients see when they receive your products. Whatever you do, don’t bore them with lame promotional packaging. Instead go that extra mile and make their unpackaging experience extra magical!

Your customers want to be pleasantly surprised when they receive a package. Perhaps that means printing a quirky quote on the inside of the box design or a fun riddle for your clients to solve. Color is also a fun way to add an element of SUPRISE for your customers so don’t be afraid to add a little POP of color on the outside of the box or inside your packaging with colored tissue paper or ribbon.

At B-BAM! We know COOL promotional branded boxes!

Whether it’s branded pizza boxes, shirt boxes, wine boxes or jewelry boxes.

If you can dream it, we can probably make it happen! Looking for Client On-boarding ideas? Head over to our SWAG SHOP to get inspired!

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