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The first use of promotional products in the United States was in 1789. Inaugural buttons were commissioned when George Washington was elected the first president of the united states. These buttons were sold and worn on clothing to commemorate his presidency. Below is an image of a collectible inaugural pin for Washington. They are worth several hundred dollars now.

Promotional Products- washington inaugural button

The number one reason you should use promotional products


A brief history of Promotional Products

Although the inaugual button was the very first promotional product in the United States, there is another example that occurred before 1789 in France. And, it is a great example of how to use a promotional product to increase business. In the 1700’s, the champagne region of France was not known for it’s champagne but rather for its textile houses.

The Cliquot family had a large textile house in the region. In addition to the textile business, Phillip Cliquot started a small winery in 1772 that produced white wine and champagne. In the late 1700s champagne was not widely distributed and most people only drank wine. The textile business was highly competitive and so to lure clients to his textile house Phillip served the Vueve Cliquot champagne. Buyers loved it and kept coming back to his textile house for the free champagne. It was a highly effective use of a promotional product.

Of course, as time went on the promotional item became more popular than the original textiles. Nevertheless, it is a great example of how promotional items can bring in customers and keep them coming back.

promotional products- custom doggie superman shirt-screenprinted

Screen printed Doggie T-shirt

promotional products-screenprinted- mustache pint glass-brewery-custom-pint-logo

Pint glass printed with gold and black with a two sided print.

promotional products-custom printed -spiral journal

Full color cahier notebooks packaged together with a belly band and wrapped in cello. 

The reason you should use B-BAM! for all of your Promotional Products 

As Phillip Cliquot found out first hand, Branded merchandise and apparel works. It works because the act of giving and receiving opens up a relationship. It creates a connection between two people and it creates good feelings on both parts. When you receive a gift you feel appreciated, grateful, lucky! Even if it’s something small you feel good, but especially if it’s something you can really see yourself using. And, when you give a gift you feel good too. Did you know there are studies that show that the act of giving results in just as much pleasure for the giver?

At B-BAM! we are consummate gift givers. We specialize in helping you chose the perfect item, whether thats a t-shirt for your team to celebrate a job well done, or the most useful tech gadget as a way of thanking people for coming by your booth at a trade show. 

promotional products- swag gift giving

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