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Promotional Tech Products

Everyone loves Tech Toys right?

How do you position yourself in front of your audience without running continuous ads or plastering your name on a billboard? You do it with Promotional Tech Products! Really? Yeah, it’s that simple! Think about it! How many times in the day do you reach out for that USB cable or phone charger? What about your wireless blue-tooth speaker to play all your favorite tunes? Now imagine every time your clients think of fun tech gadgets and tech solutions, they think of your business? Brilliant right?

Add Your Logo!

Branded Promotional Tech Products

Adding your logo to tech products really helps to position your brand as a household name and with the online marketplace becoming noisier than ever, It may be the best time to move some of your marketing budget away from online advertising and into promotional tech products! Because everyone LOVES receiving tech products but the same can’t be said about banner ads.

Promotional tech. products

From Left to Right: (price breaks at higher quantities) Marin Bluetooth Speaker $11.39 each/50, Custom Silicon Smart Wallet w/ Flexible Stand $.71 each/500, Dual Pocket Slim Silicone Phone Wallet $1.48 each/300, Headphone Organizer Earphone Cable Holder $1.54 each/500


What makes it so brilliant for promotional marketing is that the price points can start as low as a few dollars per item making it an easy marketing tool to test.

Promotional tech. products

“Stow-n-Go” Ear Bud Headphone Travel Set $2.75 each/100, Neoprene 5.5” Size Sports Armband Case for Cell Phone, Mobile Phone Holder $6.26 each/500, Premium Epic Earbuds $4.28 each/100, Earphone Keeper $1.09 each/5000

At B-BAM! We know our tech toys and believe us, there are a lot of options out there! Let us help you curate the right promotional tech product for your brand!

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