Promotional Products Suppliers

Keep it simple, business owner and let B-BAM! produce your next custom promotional products!

Promotional Products Suppliers are plentiful but why does the process of finding great promotional product suppliers seem so cryptic and complicated?


Our Founder Leslie created B-BAM! As a solution for creating a seamless experience for businesses looking for custom branded promotional products. 


Promotional Products Suppliers seem to come with a little stigma.

Some of the most common fears we’ve heard from brands trying to source promotional products from promotional products suppliers are:


-What if the quality sucks?

-Will the supplier alert me if I sent poorly rendered artwork?

-What if I use an online design tool to process my promotional products order and I don’t center my artwork right? Will the supplier alert me before printing 1000 copies?

-There are just so many promotional products on the market, how do I know I am choosing the right one for the right price?

-There are soooo many tchotchke, poorly made or outdated products on the market. How will I know my promotional products will be cool and successful?

-Can I trust that the Promotional Products Suppliers I choose will actually ship my order and on time?


Yeah, we get. It can seem like a daunting process when you first research Promotional Products Suppliers and all these fears and frustrations that come with it are pretty common. 


That’s why B-BAM! Was created. We believe brands shouldn’t have to have a doctorate in Promotional Products Suppliers to make sure they are sourcing the best from the best. 


Sourcing promotional products is complicated, that’s why B-BAM! Does it for you! So you can get back to your real job and leave the promotional product process to the swag gurus (yeah, that’s us!)


Time is money business owner, but promotional products offer a booming opportunity to create added value for your brand. They also make for a pretty sweet income stream for businesses that wish to add branded retail to their offerings. However, that is only the case when the promotional products are done right! The tchotchke products with bad branding can actually hurt your business and be perceived as wasteful. 

Here are a few successful case studies of promotional products produced by B-BAM!

promotional products suppliers

Featured Promotional Products produced by B-BAM! (from left to right)




KEXP needed a gift for their listeners who donated to the fund drive. It needed to be something unique & ON BRAND for the alternative music crowd while being budget conscious for the radio station KEXP.

Challenge Accepted:

We came up with a custom zinc alloy belt buckle. It was definitely something above the average tote bag or t-shirt giveaway and best of all — It was under $5. NAILED IT!




Find an item that will speak to whiskey lovers

Westland Distillery prides itself for selling “A curated selection of the finest goods for the discerning whiskey connoisseur.” Its swag must be in line with their brand’s feel and experience, and speaks to a whiskey drinker. 

Challenge Accepted: 

B-BAM! presented a fully customized deck of cards with the face of every card featuring a unique design that showcased Westland’s brand. And, we all know card playing and whiskey drinking go hand in hand!



Bungie, a local game developer, needed a customized father’s day gift for their employees.

Challenge Accepted: 

We suggested some socks for dad. They didn’t have to worry about sizing and socks allowed for a fully customized design to showcase some of the same creativity that goes into developing their games. We packaged each pair in a cellophane bag with a custom belly band for a truly retail gift experience.

Keep Music Live:


A non-profit relief fund that directly support music venues struggling during COVID-19.

They were looking to produce music merch and a webstore

Challenge Accepted:

B-BAM! produced a curated a selection of highly coveted KEEP MUSIC LIVE merch and created a woocommerce store with drop shipping for a fully-hands off experience for Keep Music Live



A welcome kit for a new team at Microsoft

Challenge Accepted:

The WWLP team at Microsoft was moving to a different building and needed an office desk gift to welcome everyone to the new location. B-BAM! selected a full color phone holder, a bean bag that cradles your phone and has a microfiber bottom to clean the screen. Since the new building had fewer windows, B-BAM! used a forest photo in the over all design to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside and featured an inspirational quote that was on the walls of the old building. This, with a few sweet treats, came packaged in a new mug for the employees to keep at their desk.

Ready to learn more or get started with promotional products? Connect with one of our B-BAMINAL project managers today and we’ll handle the rest!