Virtual Event Kits

Virtual Event Kits for an interactive virtual experience

Don’t cancel your event this year! The community needs your expertise and the value that your event can offer homebound customers who are in need of connection and adventure. Virtual Event Kits offer a tangible experience coupled with a virtual one (your online event) which feels more like a happy medium for your customers who are really missing the “in-person” experience. 

Although events look a little different in 2021 due to  COVID-19, your customers are looking for virtual events to satisfy their need for experience. 

There is still a booming audience for your event but in 2021 the solution is  virtual event kits that gets dropped shipping to your attendees doorstep. We can also include a special note with a login for your paid virtual event.

Virtual Event Wellness Kits

Give wellness seekers a transformative virtual experience by combining your virtual wellness event with wellness swag bags or wellness event kits! for an immersive experience!


virtual event kits - wellness event kits

B-BAM! can build a custom Wellness Kit for your virtual events. Build an awesome kit with some of the hottest wellness items on the market:

Featuring a few B-BAM! wellness kit favorites (from the left to right):


1. Music pod/yoga mat/resistant band/water bottle wellness kit

2. Wellness Spa Kit

3. Custom Printable yoga pants

4. Custom printable yoga blocks

5. Custom logo  aromatherapy

6. Custom logo canvas spa or snack carrier

Virtual Marathon Event Kits

Marathons aren’t just for fun, their a life goal! Give your attendees a Virtual Marathon Event!

Marathons are so popular because of the comradery & healthy competition these events offer. Runners can simply save thousands of dollars by not signing up for them, but where is the fun in that? The running community is still restless and ready for a marathon event, take your Marathon event virtual this Spring/Summer 2021 with Marathon Virtual Event Kits.

virtual event kits - marathon virtual events

Runners love their runner’s swag, B-BAM! will  drop ship your Marathon Virtual Event Kits  to your clients doorstep. We can also include a special note with a login for your paid virtual event.

Featuring a few B-BAM! Marathon Kit favorites (from the left to right):

1. Marathon Cool Kit

2. Custom Logo Track Jacket

3. Custom branded Water Canteen

4. Custom logo Pedometer

5. Custom logo  arm sweat band

6. Custom logo retro runner’s socks


Virtual Event Kits- Festival Merch

Please don’t stop the music. With the help of musicians, you can create an intimate livestream concert where everyone gets front row seats. Add fun merch  kits for your festival event and your attendees will feel like they are having the full festival experience.


virtual event kits - virtual concert kits- virtual festival kits

Skies the limit for Virtual Event Kits for music festivals. The more interactive, the better. Whether you need virtual event kits for pride weekend, a major summer concert that will need to be live-streamed or a gaming convention. B-BAM! can make it custom, cool and memorable!

Featuring a few B-BAM! Marathon Kit favorites (from the left to right):

1. Custom embroidered merch patches

2. Custom Logo trucker hat

3. Custom logo lava lamps

4. Custom printed merch tees

5. Custom logo sunnies with built-in speakers

6. Custom logo 3-d glasses for a 3-D virtual DJ set experience

We also have skull printed masks for metal heads, custom printable glow in the dark braclets for raver kids and much more!


Wine, Whiskey or Beer Tasting Virtual Event Kits

For the connoisseurs of alcoholic  spirits, tasting events are a MUST DO experience during Spring, Summer & Fall. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring a virtual tasting event to your clients door!


virtual event kits- virtual wine tasting kits, virtual beer festival

B-BAM! Can create a kit for your special event from our vast selection of custom printable glasses, koozies, tasting flights, companion assorted nuts,  novelty drinking games and a wide selection of apparel and accessories. (Alcohol not included)

Featuring a few B-BAM! Marathon Kit favorites (from the left to right):

1. Custom Logo Wino-to-go

2. Custom Branded Nut and Berry Mix

3. Custom logo Beer Flight Tasting Glasses

4. Custom Gourmet snack kit

5. Custom logo Lunch tote

6. Custom etched or printed flight paddle

Foodie Virtual Event Kits

When we think about Spring & Summer events that we’ll be missing this year, food tasting and carnival events are definitely on the top of the list. 

The aroma of  freshly fried elephant ears, the colors of brightly spun cotton candy, the exotic spices mingling with the scent of summer bbq. The nostalgia of it all is almost palpable. Although, it might be hard to mimic a sensory experience like a summer carnival or food tasting event, you customers will surely be ready to snag their tickets to a virtual event if the opportunity presents itself. 

virtual event kits- virtual festivals- virtual festival kits

Give your community a fully interactive virtual foodie or carnival experience with some tangible items that are drop shipped to their door for the virtual event. *We can add snack assortments or candy to your kit but hot meals not included. 

Featuring a few B-BAM! Foodie Kit favorites (from the left to right):

1. Custom branded lunch box

2. Custom Logo Summer Sun Kit

3. Custom branded sandwich boxes

4. Custom branded fanny packs

5. Custom logo Rainbow rays sunnies

6. Custom logo interative memory game

* We can also offer custom branded pop-corn tins, cotton candy, assorted snack kits to your kitting. Ask us about drop shipping!

Ready to build your next Virtual Event Kits with B-BAM! ? Connect with one of our B-BAMINAL project managers today and we’ll help you build the perfect virtual event kits for your event!