Virtual Team Building Activities:

Boost company morale and keep your team thriving with Virtual Team Building Activities!

Virtual Team Kits that help employees stay healthy while they work from home!

As employees try to adjust to working from home most of them are embarking on a new journey that
can leave them feeling isolated and over-whelmed.


Did you know that 83% of workers suffer from work-related stress and it costs businesses a projected $300 billion in revenue a year?


If businesses are looking to work more efficiently from home, we cannot ignore the harm that work related stress creates. Not to mention the financial toll it takes on the bottom line of your business.

So what’s the solution?

Virtual Team’ Building Fitness Kits!

Fitness kits offer your remote teams something tangible that helps them
feel connected to your company culture. When every last minute of their day is spent interacting through zoom meetings, Slack pings and shared spreadsheets, a much needed opportunity to unplug in highly essential to avoid computer burn-out.

Support your business by supporting your team by promoting Healthy Habits while the work remotely.

Here are a few Virtual Team Building Activities that are trending or watch the video presentation here: 

Virtual Mindfulness:

Promote the opportunity for employees to take frequent mini-breaks with simple activities that promote mindfulness such as the ancient zen art
of stone stacking.


Another cleaver idea that is trending is virtual group yoga or meditation retreats where employees can tune in online to a yoga instructor
or guided meditation to help them cope with work-related stress.


Retro Fit Kits:

Retro Fit Kits are a hilarious way for virtual teams to share a few laughs while they support each other’s fitness goals. Offer your teams pedometers and create a virtual cross country team fully equipped with Instragam-mable retro track jackets and sweatbands.

Or give your Gym Rats a virtual pack of strength training gear to use at home.

Virtual Team Building Activities that focuses on building Health Habit in the Virtual Work Place.

We offer virtual fitness kits and mindfulness kits that you can drop ship to your virtual teams of clients.
Add your branding or logo to your custom promotional products and a custom box for a super cool branded gift kit!

Stay connected, while you are a part and help support your team with fitness and mindfulness goals that help to reduce work-related stress.



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