Welcome Kits

 How to build  Welcome Kits for Remote New Hire employees!

One of our most requested services in 2020 was our popular welcome kits for remote workers. On our website, we feature pre-built welcome kits but did you know B-BAM! Can custom build a kit for your remote employees or clients? 

We handle all the details from meeting your budget, design, production and drop-shipping needs. So you can rest assured your employees are getting welcome kits that set them up for success.


Curious about our welcome kits but need all the details first? We’ve answered your burning questions below. 


What are some popular items to put in a welcome kit?


-Custom Branded Pens

Custom Branded Notepads

Custom Branded Tumblers

-Custom Branded Post-It Cubes

Custom branded Tech items such as USB’s

-Custom Branded Planners

-A Custom Branded Hoodie 

(also available at our sister store at Seattle Screen Printing

welcome kits
welcome kits
welcome kits
welcome kits

Do I have to purchase my welcome kits in bulk?

Yes! Doing this ensures you receive kits within your budget per kit.  The quantity will depend on each product added in your kit. The more kits you buy, the less each individual kit will cost. B-BAM! will help you find that “sweet spot” based on how many kits you require per month.

Can my bulk order of Welcome Kits be stored in a warehouse and shipped as needed? If so, what is the cost of storing my new hire onboarding kits?

We store them in our B-BAM! Warehouse and if you ship out welcome kits on a regular basis, storing them is included in the cost.  Our warehouse is in Washington State.

 Are you able to drop ship or deliver directly to our employees across the US?

Yes, we dropship the new hire kits directly to your employees anywhere in the US. 

How do I send the shipping information of our new hires to you?

Our process is simple. You’ll send a spreadsheet once a month with the orders for the order details for that month.

How frequently do you dropship welcome kits?

Normally shipments go out monthly but if you require frequent drop shipping, we can make weekly accommodations for larger orders.

Once the welcome kits have been requested to ship to a new batch of employees, what is the shipping time?

The packages will ship 2 days after we receive the CSV.

What shipping carrier does B-BAM! Use?

We ship via USPS, FedEx and UPS (depending on the best price for your package weight and size)

Do you offer Tracking #’s with every Drop Shipping Welcome Kit?

You and your employees will get notification with tracking numbers when the box ships and when it is delivered. 

What to do it my Welcome Kits get lost or damaged? How does B-BAM! Handle these unforeseen shipping nightmares? 

Simply notify us if something doesn’t arrive and we will take care of it!

What is the cost for custom Branding my Employee Welcome Kits or any other drop shipping kit?

Price for the branding is included in the products pricing. It is not an additional cost.


What are my packaging options for onboarding welcome kits for my remote teams?

We can do a custom branded mailer bag or a custom branded box. If you don’t prefer to brand your box or mailer, we can also just ship them in a standard kraft shipping box.


Can we add a pre-printed WELCOME NOTE inside the box featuring our logo/branding?

If so, what is the cost for that?

Great question and the answer is YES! Just like all printed products, the cost really does depend on the volume of that item. Our B-BAMINAL project managers will send you the best options for your budget.


Could we get a sample box for review before printed and shipping them out to our remote employees?

If you want to see how the box is presented before it ships out, then it will be no problem to send you a finished box before we ship to your employees. If you want a box with all the logo’d merchandise in it before placing the actual order then there will be a charge for that. 


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