Work From Home Kits For your Tech Team!

Work From Home Kits have become one of our MOST requested services in 2020-2021.

So has custom Web-stores where companies can direct their clients or employees to Client Appreciation gifts or Employee Appreciation Gifts. They select the free gift and B-BAM! Drop ships them for an easy automated process! But I digress, back to WORK FROM HOME KITS– for your tech team!

Your tech team uses a heck of a lot of bandwidth with plugins & digital tools to keep their job moving smoothly while they work remotely. However, there are tangible tech tools that every remote tech. Employee should have on hand  and other home office essentials to consider.

Work From Homes Kits For your Remote Tech. Teams-

USB Drives

Let’s face it, cloud computing sometimes fails us, we’re talking to YOU SPOTTY WIFI. So why not make sure your tech teams are covered with USB Drives or External Hard Drives. 

A Quality Webcam

Your tech team needs to be able to communicate remotely while maintaining a professional persona for your brand. Nothing says “amateur” quite like a bad camera during a zoom meeting with a client or with your team. Set your tech team up for success with an external webcam that makes your company look good and helps your tech. employees feel confident during their next presentation or tech. support video conference.

Hot Spot for those spotty Wifi moments

Nothing can amp up the stress-o-meter for your tech employees quite like a tight deadline and spotty wifi. Hey, it happens but why not support your team with a Hot Spot gadget when they need it most? Never get caught down to the wire on a client deadline with spotty wifi again!


 Noise Cancellation Headphones or Earbuds. 

Your remote employees are dodging a lot of distractions while working from home. Remote learning children, curious cats and barking dogs among other things. Help your remote team stay in the zone with noise cancelling headphones or earbuds. It could save you thousands on remote employee productivity. 

Some “Non-Digital” Essentials like: 

-Sticky notes: for quick iterations or taking quick notes

-Journals- To keep their notes neatly stored in one place

-Pens- well this one is a no brainer but worth pointing out none- the-less 😉

A Bluetooth Speaker 

Amp up your remote tech team’s Zoom calls and presentations with a blue-tooth speaker

An External Microphone

For those tech employees who offer client tech support, they’ll need a clear method of communication. 

USB Charging Cables

You can never have too USB Charging cables. We offer multi-charging cables for tech. Teams that need to charge ALL THE TECH. , all at once!

A Computer Bag or Tech Tote 

To help keep your tech teams gadgets neatly stowed and organized while they work remotely. B-BAM! Can create  custom branded WORK FROM KITS with a custom branded computer bag for a complete tech kit! Simply e-mail us to get started!

Work From Home Kits that BOOST MORALE

Last but not least- how about something for company morale. 2020-2021 has been a rough transition for a lot of remote employees. Boost morale and build company comradery while your team works remotely with our super fun- pre-made 

Work From Home Kits. Some of our top sellers are:

-Work From Home Kits- Happy Hour Kits

-Work From Home Kits- New Hire Welcome Kits

-Work From Home Kits-Company Picnic Kits

-Work From Home Kits- Wellness Kits

Ready to learn more or get started with Work From Home Kits? Connect with one of our B-BAMINAL project managers today and we’ll handle the rest!