A quick guide for woven labels

General Guidelines for Woven Labels

  • Damask woven labels provide the best quality of we ave and the best detail, making it the most commonly used.
  • Other weave types include taffeta, damask (high density and regular), twills, satin, tubular, broadloom, and needle loom.
  • We strongly recommend using the damask weave to provide the highest quality, especially for detailed tags.
  • When deciding what type of label to make be mindful of the garments and/or products fabric thickness. Typically for thicker fabrics, labels that use loop folds are best, and for thinner fabrics labels with a strong crease or fold work well.
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Straight Cut

Labels will be flat making it e asy to sew onto any garment or product. When sewn, the labels will be flush against the product on all four sides.

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Mitre Fold

Ends of the labels are sealed and then folded up 90 degrees – which can allow your product to hang securely from the label.

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Loop Fold

One of the most popular woven label styles is the loop fold. It can be considered a sibling to the centrefold label. However, these labels don’t have a crease in the middle of the label and typically are used for thicker fabrics. Like the centrefold labels you do have the ability to include care instructions or a company slogan on the back and front of the label if you choose to.

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Center Fold

These labels provide a strong center crease which helps the label sta y flat when it is sewn into a garment. Another perk of the cent er fold label is you have the ability to provide care instructions or a company slogan on the back of the label.

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Book Fold

These labels are most commonly used on sleeves of garments. Labels are folded in the center and the seam allowance is folded inward. When applying these labels to garments they will only need to be sewn at the top of the label.

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Manhattan Fold

Largely used for hem tags and re-labeling. The Manhattan fold has an additional top fold to close in the edge’s exposed corners for a clean look and soft feel. The front of these labels is longer than the back so that the label will be flat once sewn in and the center can be creased or looped, depending on the thickness of the fabric.

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Cut To Shape

Add an extra touch to your products with woven labels cut to the shape of your choice.

PRO-TIP If you are placing your personalized cut to shape labels inside garments, utilizing an end fold with your label will allow for a more comfortable feel against the skin.

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End Fold

These labels are typically longer in width which makes them perfect for incorpor ating your company or personal slogan to your products. The seam allowance is folded in on each side and creates clean edges for the label.

Sewing Allowance and Sizing:

When designing woven labels it is important to remember to leave enough space for the labels sewing allowance. • Sewing Allowance is the amount of empty space starting from the top of label extended to where the design begins. For labels that are being sewn into a seam there will need to be enough sewing allowance at the top of your label design so it is not sewn over your logo. Standard sewing allowance is roughly 1/4 of an inch. If the labels are going to be sewn on all 4 sides you want to make sure that there is enough space around your design to avoid sewing over your design. It is always best to use references when creating label designs, even doing things like checking your personal clothing tags will help get you the best woven labels.

Special Backing Options:

Standard Sew-On

The label has to be completely sewn on in order to stay attached to your product or garment.


Good to use on smaller and thinner labels to ensure the label stays in place while it is being sewn.

Peel and Stick

The best choice for ensuring your label is placed correctly before it is sewn into a seam or on your product.

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